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CEO Talks Data and Tech

While businesses across the world are trying to make more effective use of data, analytics, and AI, a key impediment is holding many of them back: The lack of a culture that truly values data/analytics capability and the superior decision making that can flow from it. It is true to say though that across the world and in the Caribbean if these principles of adopting a data driven culture is explored by organisations, the benefits can have significant competitive and growth benefits.

At DAS Research Intelligence we support the development of our clients’ businesses Into transformation to strong data cultures where important decisions are informed by data and analytics and executives act on analytically derived insights rather than intuition or experience.

“ While digital-native companies like Amazon and Alibaba have strong digital cultures, many traditional companies are struggling to make progress. That’s mostly because few undertake initiatives directly aimed at achieving the desired culture change.” – Harvard Review.

We at DAS Research Intelligence explore this change daily. Let us help your organisation jump and leap into the digital age with our team support. We look forward to working with you all in transforming our world.