Our Services Skeleton and Tech Stack
Our Services Skeleton
Data Hygienics and Enrichment
Validation & Verification
Brand Perception Research Initiatives (Data Collection & Delivery Focus groups/Field)
Interactive Surveying and Web collection, email marketing
Mobile messaging, Data digitisation, Google Advertising and retargeting
Mobile Solutions & Web Development
Web & Mobile Analytics and Insights
Premium Data & Digital Consulting
Technology Focus
Technology Focus
Our Tech Stack
Java, .NET, Scala, PHP, Python and ROR
iOS, Android and HTML 5
SaaS/AWS and Google Cloud
UX, HTML, Javascript, Drupal, Sitecore, Kentico and Wordpress
Mantis, Jmeter, Selenium, Wraith, WCF Storm
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Data Science and Big Data Transformation
Data Analytics and Visualizations
Data Hygienics and Validation
Mobile Technology and Mobile Device Management Software
Mobile & Web Based Customer Relationship Management Solutions
Research and Deep Analysis Initiatives
Digital Marketing Solutions
Dashboard Software and Implementation/Maintenance
Internal Data Management and Maintenance
B2B/B2C Channel Consulting and Geo-Mapping